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Green Reflection


My name is Misty Fall and I use they/ them pronouns. Identities I hold are queer, non binary/trans, AFAB, anti racist, neurodiverse, human in a larger body of Eastern European descent. My dedication to learning about the body and healing started after being in motor vehicle accidents and having chronic pain. In recent pandemic times, I experienced brain surgery for a pineal gland cyst, medical gaslighting, and broken system navigation, and most recently, gender affirming top surgery.


My medical experiences have gifted me with a deep compassion and knowledge that inform my care.  

I am passionate about welcoming marginalized communities to my table!


I expressly welcome melonated folks of all ethnicities, LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and more) fat identified, neurodiverse, and folks with complex health issues to my table.


My goal is to make everyone feel welcomed, supported, heard, and better in their bodies. Being a human on the planet at this time, especially if you are marginalized, is stressful on the body, mind and spirit. Amma Therapy is a highly effective treatment that revitalizes the whole person. I listen actively and tailor each treatment to your needs that day.

I have been living in Portland for 12 years and the Pacific Northwest for 22. I love experiencing the gorgeousness that Portland has to offer by walking my dog, birding, cooking, painting, dancing, telling dad jokes, spending time with loved ones and building community. 

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