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Brooke - I had never had Amma Therapy before starting treatment with Misty. I love how holistic and systemic it feels. It feels comforting to have the same (mostly) treatment done every visit, where she works through every part of my body in a specific order.

Misty is great at explaining what she is doing and why, which I find very helpful. She has such a calming and safe energy.


I like that Amma Therapy uses acupuncture points but without the needles, and in a way that heightens my awareness of them.


With every treatment I feel like I am learning something about my body and system. I always feel euphoric after each session and I sleep so well. 

I highly recommend seeing Misty regularly to get into a rhythm of healing. 

Nikki - As a student and practitioner of massage for over five years now, I value many things about Misty's approach to bodywork. 

Not only is she a compassionate communicator, with a lovely nurturing energy, her practical knowledge is spot on as well, making her work highly accurate and effective. 

Misty actively listens to my concerns, and checks in often throughout our session to make sure I am comfortable.  I look forward to my sessions with Misty all week, as I always leave her sessions feeling grounded and revived!

Mads - I've gotten a lot of types of massages and I really love Misty's technique. One of the best! Also feel comfortable as a fat identified person. LOVED!

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